Preventive Dentistry

Family care

At Palladium Dental with options such as routine oral exams, tooth-colored fillings, dental sealants, fluoride treatments, and other procedures, we can help to make sure your child has healthy teeth and gums with maintenance and preventive treatments. Our dentists are friendly and compassionate professionals who understand the fear and anxiety many patients have when they need dental work. We strive to make the experience as comfortable and quick as possible. We do everything possible to keep your natural teeth intact as long as possible. Your smile can last a lifetime with regular dental visits and preventive care.

You may not think gum disease is a problem for you, but it's actually more common than most people realize. In fact, recent studies have linked gum disease to heart disease and diabetes. We can help you prevent gum disease with regular cleanings, and we can control gum disease with periodontal maintenance. If it's been a while since your last dental appointment, schedule one today and get back on the track to a healthy smile and a healthy you!

Fluoride treatments

We all probably remember regular fluoride rinses given to us when we were in elementary school. When it comes to fluoride, these treatments are just as important today as they were then. Treatments with fluoride help fight cavities and prevent tooth decay. A fluoride application after a regular teeth cleaning can go a long way in maintaining long-lasting dental health.

Children and adults at high risk of dental decay may benefit from using additional fluoride products, including dietary supplements (for children who do not have adequate levels of fluoride in their drinking water), mouth rinses, and professionally applied gels and varnishes.


The basis of sound dental care is routine cleaning and maintenance. We customize cleanings on the basis of your periodontal, (gums and bone), health. We utilize medication along with prescription mouth rinses in problem areas if necessary.

In addition to regular brushing and flossing, it is vital to have periodic teeth cleanings from a professional dentist at least twice a year. Cleanings help prevent future dental issues give you a better education about your oral health. They also work to stave off decay and gum disease, and give you an opportunity to communicate with your dentist about improvements you can make with your at-home dental care to ensure a healthy set of teeth and gums for years to come. Ultrasonic scalers are sometimes used to make the procedure more comfortable and effective as well.


Sealants are dental treatments that are designed to prevent decay and cavities from forming on your teeth. Composed of a plastic material, dental sealants are placed over the chewing surfaces of your back teeth. They act as guards against bacteria that can creep into the crevices of the teeth, working to prevent bacterial invasion that can ultimately cause damage. Dental sealants are ideal for children, and they can protect teeth from harm for decades. Sealants should be used as part of a child's total preventive dental care.

Most tooth decay in children and teens occurs in these surfaces. Applying sealants does not require drilling or removing tooth structure. It is an easy three-step process: We clean the tooth with special toothpaste. A special cleansing liquid, on a tiny piece of cotton, is rubbed gently on the tooth and is washed off. Finally, the sealant is painted on the tooth. One sealant application can last for as long as 5 to 10 years. Sealants should be checked regularly, and reapplied if they are no longer in place.

Mouth guards

For the athlete in the family, mouth guards (sportguards) can offer significant protection against serious injury to the teeth. We offer custom-built mouth guards that are specifically molded to your teeth for the best fit.

These appliances can greatly reduce the impact on the teeth from a blow to the mouth, and are useful for those who play contact sports such as football, basketball and hockey, as well non-contact sports such as running, training, and baseball.

Night guards

Grinding and clenching of the teeth is a common problem for many people, and they often don't even realize it because it typically happens during sleep.

Night guards protect the teeth against the motions of the grinding and prevent further damage. Custom-molded to fit your teeth, night guards can be very comfortable and work wonders at reducing the dental wear and tear that occurs from nightly teeth-grinding.

Oral exams

An oral exam is part of the regular check-up procedure and is integral to maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Oral exams should be given at least twice a year to detect any problems at an early stage and come up with a treatment plan to prevent them from getting worse. We use advanced dental technology to give you a quicker, more comfortable oral exam. Regular check-ups are a standard part of keeping your oral health up to speed!

Oral cancer screening

Since oral cancer typically does not display symptoms in its early stages, an oral cancer screening can be a life-saving procedure. Remember, early detection is key.